So ever since I had two kids and got this new gig I haven’t had much time for exercise.. and it’s definitely starting to catch up with me. After the thanksgiving weekend I checked out my weight.. ack! 199! Very scary. I’m not used to being this heavy, and I don’t want to be.. so my lovely wife and I both started working out this week to try and get back in shape.

I’ve tried gyms and weightloss programs in the past and always kind of give up on them.. the only time I ever really kept it up for an extended period of time was right before we had our first child Aurora. At that point I was giong to the gym every day for about 6 or 7 months and was in the best shape of my life. I felt & looked great (or so I was told :), and had more energy than I can imagine.

Unfortunately, I left for a 4 day weekend and missed 2 days at the gym.. and after that, I just sort of gave up. It was like I would be ready to go, get a little busy and think “well.. I didn’t do it yesterday, so I can skip today and just go tomorrow..” and then the next day “okay, I’ve already skipped 3 days this week.. I’ll start clean on monday..” and so on and so on until I just didn’t go anymore.

And then 2 kids and 2 years later.. I’m at 199 pounds and nice and flabby. 🙂

But no longer. I know my problem.. I need to obsess and work out every single day or I’ll stop. So to help myself keep on track I’ve joined this website called gyminee and so far it’s been great.. 4 days in a row of working out and counting. I’ve lost a whole pound (woot!) and I’m already feeling much better.

What I like about gyminee is that I can create a workout or subscribe to another workout by other members. It has an easy way to track my progress over time, and I can even enter results directly into my iphone with it’s special iphone web app!

It’s been really handy at the gym. I pump up my music, click on the web-app, and as I work out I enter my results in real-time. Super crazy convenient.

So check out gyminee and if you join (or are already a member), add me as your buddy! then we can keep pushing each other to get fit! 🙂

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  4. My hubby doesn’t do that, but sometimes I wish he would make his needs known when sick. One particular time he passed out around the way for the bathroom within the hardwood floor from dehydration. He’s 6’10 so let me tell you that sounded like a tree falling from the house.

  5. Sure do miss the web archives of your show Paul.
    When are the gonna fix that???

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