So like I mentioned before.. I’m really trying to get in shape this time, and so far I’m keeping to my schedule!  I’ve worked out 7 days out of the past 8 (took saturday off to go to two birthday parties, and almost make it to the dreamworks holiday party).

So far I’ve lost uh.. half a pound.  D’oh!  See, I lost a full pound, then gained 2, then now I’m down to 198.5.  But supposedly your weight fluctuates all day long, and based on how much you drink, eat, poop, etc..

you get the idea.

So I guess I’m not that fussed about the weight thing.. just going to keep on kickin it with the exercise & making sure I do it every morning before I start work.

Hopefully if I keep this up then I’ll be back to a healthy 175/180 by the time siggraph rolls around.

Because Siggraph is in New Orleans this year.. and I GOTTA be fit enough to eat all those beignets..

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