This is so helpful.. it’s something that’s been frustrating me quite a bit.  I mean, I’m a HUGE apple fan.. I love ’em.  Great computers.. great interface.. great design.. but they just piss me off when it comes to DRM.

For example.. I own lots of music.  And I want to listen to it at home, or at work.  Sometimes I’m at work and I buy music on my mac there.  But I can’t connect my work mac to my iphone to sync because you can only sync your iphone to ONE MACHINE.  AGH!  hell, at home I have 3 macs that I could possibly want music or movies from, but it still only lets me sync with one machine.

I also own dvds from all over the world.. but I can only switch regions 4 times on my mac.  Why?  WHY??  It’s my mac.. they’re my dvds.. let me switch regions to play them!


Anyway, this post helps with some of the frustrations…

Copy Music from Your iPhone or iPod to Your Computer for Free.

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