Today prop 8 (the proposition to make marriage illegal for gay couples) is back in court with both sides working to determine whether or not the ballot proposition was constitutional or not.

My personal opinion is of course that prop 8 was insane. I feel very strongly that two loving consenting adults should have the same rights as anybody else.

I would be absolutely livid if my marriage to the woman I love (who happens to be a kiwi), was invalidated because some else thinks that marriage should be between Americans tells me that my marriage is no longer valid. They want to break up my loving family because of something THEY believe.

Screw that.

I’m sorry, but I think that prop 8 is a violation of a basic human right. My mother and her partner were married in september, and it was a beautiful, wonderful event full of love, joy, excitement, and validation of an amazing relationship.

Their relationship has nothing to do with anybody but themselves and their family. We all support it, so leave them alone Ken Starr.


6 Responses to Prop 8 in court today

  1. Shannon Brentin says:

    Well said, Jas! Let’s hope the courts see it the same way. I can’t believe Prop 8 passed in the first place – I’ve never seen such a campaign centered around ignorance and small-minded prejudice.

    Congratulations to your mom on her marriage!

  2. The Kiwis in Copes says:

    Couldn’t agree more Jase – well said 😉 xxx

  3. Alonso says:

    I was so angry when Prop 8 passed, especially because the commercials supporting it where filled with such blatant lies. (lies along the same level as “buy our sneakers or you’ll get sick”) makes my blood boil every time I talk on it. I hope this court thing restores reality over fanatical bigotry

  4. Well said, Jas. It’s weird how things come back together sometimes.
    10 minutes before reading your post, I was almost crying watching an old episode of ” Six feet under” where David is coming out. And seeing this anger in peoples who hates gays is really hard to stand.
    Let’s kick out this Prop 8 !!!

  5. Christian says:

    So what you guys are saying is, democracy is convenient when it works for your belief systems, but when the will of the people speaks in a manner that you deem incorrect, you are willing to circumvent it? That sounds more fascist than the law itself.

    As for this bill, I’m a live and let live guy. Prop 8 does not ban anything other than language manipulation, NOT relationships. A few of my gay friends are of the mindset that “why would I want the same problems are straight relationship has?”

    I’m just sayin’

  6. jason says:

    uh, no.. what we’re saying IS live and let live. My mother’s marriage has nothing to do with anyone else except the woman she’s marrying. So let her marry. Let her have the same rights.

    Prop 8 DOES ban gay people getting married.

    There’s no such thing as separate but equal. It can’t exist.

    You may have a few gay friends who say that.. and that’s fine. I have a few straight friends who don’t want to marry, either. But i also have gay AND straight friends who DO want to marry.. so shouldn’t they be allowed?

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