The economy today sucks.

there, I said it. That’s right. you heard me.. it sucks.

I can’t tell what company is coming or going, our retirement plans are worth 1/3 of what they were only a year ago, stocks go down, up, down, down, uuuuuup, and then down again.  Mortgage rates are.. well, actually they’re getting better, so yay!  But getting a mortgage sure isn’t fun.

Every day there’s news about another ponzi scheme that suckers people out of their money.  Jobs are being lost.  Wages cut.  CEOs getting fired.  It’s all a bit crazy.

So we’ve decided to downsize a little bit.  The past few weekends we’ve been slowly (and I really mean slowly.  It’s tough to do anything quickly with two kids) going through all our stuff and trying to separate things into 3 piles.

1) Keep it ‘cuz we love it

2) Give it away or sell it

3) Junk it.

I’ve always had a hard time getting rid of things.. I always think  “This picture I drew when I was 8.. somebody somewhere is going to want to see it!”.  Or “This shirt doesn’t fit anymore.. but .. someday it might.”  Or “I love briefcases.  I never use them, but someday it might be cool to carry one to work.”

I have stuff from 15 years ago that I thought I’d use again someday.. but I never really do.  So finally.. finally I’m getting it through my thick skull that it’s not worth hauling this stuff around with me everywhere I go, and it probably doesn’t need to sit in the garage for another 15 years.

So we’re downsizing.  We’re not moving.. we’re just selling, donating, and getting rid of things we most likely will not use for a while, or ever again.

and it feels so good!

Another way I’m downsizing is in the weight department.  183lbs today.. that’s down from my peak of 199 in early december!  Yeehaw!


4 Responses to Downsizing

  1. Suzi says:

    Dear Jason,
    This is not your problem, It runs in the family. A bad genetic trate, kind of like blue eyes or brown eyes. You can’t help it. We all suffer with the desease. Congrats on the weight however. You must look Maaaaaaaaaavolous.

  2. wendy says:

    Are you throwing out your artwork from nursery school?????!!!!!

  3. Matthew says:


    Letting go of things is quite a challenge, but the freedom it brings is worth more than we can predict 😉


  4. I agree with Wendy here… hehehe… gratz on the weight department… any tips to an ex- 176lb (before 3d animation) and now 200lb guy like me? 😛

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