After 2 days of using the online task management/productivity application GTDAgenda, I’m starting to get into a groove with the software and find my flow. I’ve still got a few issues that pop up here and there, but I’m getting a better hang of managing my todo lists, and displaying them in a way that I personally find useful.

Again, I’ll just say that all of these thoughts are for how *I* like to work. You may agree or disagree, and that’s totally fine. If this helps you make a decision on what kind of task software you’d like to use, great! If not, then that’s fine too. My main goal is to help me decide what workflow I like and determine whether or not to keep using a particular piece of code.

I also hope that these notes help the developers of GTDAgenda. If it’s helpful for you.. great, glad to be of service! I really appreciate the opportunity to use the software!

Anyway, on to the thoughts for Day 2..

First of all, I realized that in order to really get a handle on my next actions, I had to figure out how to order them better on the Next Actions page. By default I had everything listed as a #1 priority, so everything just sort of showed up in whatever order they appeared in. Since I had some @waiting tasks, and some specific actions I figured I could use the Priority feature to at least do some ordering. So I went with the following scheme:

GTDAgenda - Next ActionsPriority 1 – tasks that I need to do

Priority 2 – Tasks that I need to talk to people about

Priority 3 – Tasks that I’m waiting anxiously on information about

Priority 4 – Tasks that I want to see on this page, but I’ll be periodically checking in on.

This allowed me to have a much cleaner Next Actions list. There are actually 5 priorities, but 4 suited me nicely.

Some other thoughts that have come up throughout the day:

  • Pre-defined Someday/Maybe and Archived areas is very handy!
  • When using the mobile version of GTDAgenda, i noticed that the Next Actions page doesn’t display the task’s context. It does this in the online version. Personally, I like to see it and I wish it were there.
  • If adding a task in project view (gtdagenda mobile), it should know what project you’re already adding to. Currently you have to add that yourself. (Note: I just received a note from the developer, this is a bug that’s been fixed! sweet!)
  • When marking a task as done, you currently have to select it first, and then mark it done. I’d much rather just have it automatically marked done when I click it & then allow me to go back and unmark it.
  • Can’t edit/modify global goals in the mobile version.
  • Would really like a “quick entry” mode so I can just power through all my tasks and add them as quick as possible. Then, once the tasks are in my inbox I could process them into projects and contexts. Currently you have to enter and process all at once. I find I’m using paper to write down my tasks, then I enter them into GTDagenda all at once.
  • I like the fact that you can have Repeating tasks, that’s very handy.

Like I said, I’m starting to get into the swing of it. I’m finding areas of GTDAgenda I like, and also areas that I’d like to work with differently. I appreciate all the links to other todo and gtd management tools, I’m putting them on my to do list and checking them out!

Hopefully later this week I’ll get to start using some of this methodology for my shots & we’ll see how it holds up. 🙂

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