This past weekend my wife spent some time working on the blog for her business.  She runs an interior design company – Penelope Jones Interior Design – and is quite amazing, I must say. Her sense of color, texture, form, and light blows me away.  I love watching her step into a room, look around, and immediately her brain starts churning as she works out what walls need to go, how the flow of the room should work, and what the place should feel like.

We recently renovated our bathroom, and I was in the lucky position to not see any of it until it was done.  I was blown away.  She took this really disgusting little room that I hated being in & turned it into a gorgeous, elegant, and beautiful room that just feels “right”.  AND she did it on a budget, not that you can tell by looking at it.



2 Responses to My wife’s new blog..

  1. rafianimates says:

    cool, will check it out right now!

  2. Tamesha Skretowicz says:

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