I happen to have some incredibly talented cousins.. you’ve all heard about my fab photographer cousin Erica Berger.


Another georgeous and awesome cousin Zeva Bellel has a great site called Paris By Appointment Only.


Now, one of my cousins from my dad’s side of the family has started this really cool project called The Grok Project.  Starting in november, Ian is going to spend three years steping through the entire history of science and technology by re-creating and experiencing as much of it as possible,  blogging about the whole thing (yay internets!).

ianSome of the cool things he plans on doing to “grok” science are:

  • Make stuck stone tools
  • make copper tools
  • make woven cloth
  • visit a copper mine
  • impress cuneiform writing on clay tablets
  • Measure earth’s circumference/diameter using eratosthenes’ method
  • make a blowgun
  • build hand-cranked rotary fan
  • build a trebuchet
  • measure the speed of light
  • hot air ballooning
  • assemble an internal combustion engine
  • scuba diving
  • build a telephone
  • build a vacuum tube
  • extract/splice DNA
  • build a humanoid robot

and more!

Check out the project as it moves forth.. I smell a TV show coming on!!


4 Responses to The Grok Project

  1. Ethan says:

    Holly *&**$ that sounds cool

  2. Heather says:

    If he needs help with the trebuchet, have him give us a call in our neck of the woods. We have at least one functioning treb, an onager (the thing everyone thinks of when thinking “catapult”) and two or three functioning torsion ballistae.

    He may also want to try some basic chemistry to produce medieval pigments, like copper or lead oxides.

  3. Karen Mines says:

    Wow Jase…. he looks just like your dad. I would love to get updates to Ian Groks Project. Is there a web url?
    xx auntie K

  4. jason says:

    heya karen!

    yep! it’s:

    It’s funny.. he does look a little like dad! 🙂

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