Jeffrey Katzenberg Plans on Living Happily Ever After | Fast Company.

This is a nice interview with JK, our main head honcho at Dreamworks Animation.

The first time I ever spoke to Jeffrey was when I was applying for a job at Dreamworks.  I was actually still living in New Zealand finishing up on The Lord of the Rings.  I believe it was a saturday morning, and I was at home showering before heading in to work.  I heard the phone ring & my wife poked her head in the bathroom to say “There’s a call for you.”

“Who is it?”  I asked, massaging shampoo into my hair.

“Jeffrey Katzenberg?” She said.

I nearly slipped in the tub and cracked my skull.


“Yeah, some guy named Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Who is he?”


“Yeah.. and he is….”

“KATZENBERG!  SPIELBERG!  GEFFEN!   DREAMWORKS!  SKG!  KATZENBERG!”  I sputtered and slipped and rinsed and threw on a towel and somehow managed to answer the phone.  “Mr. Katzenberg.. *squeek* Hello sir, how are you…”

We spoke for a bit about the company, what Dreamworks was doing, how exciting it is here, and other things.  I think the conversation lasted all of two minutes, but in that time I was immediately impressed with Jeffrey’s passion for animation, his excitement about the studio, and I knew I wanted to work here.

I’ve been fortunate to have been in meetings with Jeffrey a few times in my nearly 6 years at Dreamworks, and have to say that even though it’s nerve-wracking at times (he IS the big boss, after all), he’s always been really engaging, intelligent, honest, and 99.9% of the time completely correct.  I really value his notes and love the dedication he has to his staff.

Anyway, the article great read & really gives some good insight into his head.  Enjoy!

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