I received an email yesterday from a person who purchased the Animator Friendly Rigging series and found that two mel scripts were missing:

js_matchObj.mel and js_matchObjUI.mel.

I’ve heard of others missing these as well, so I added them to the downloads page, along with js_iterator.mel.

If you’re missing them.. enjoy!

note: you must be logged in to download.

[download id=”6″]


14 Responses to js_matchObj scripts added to Downloads page.

  1. ariel_atams says:

    Hello, Jason!

    I would like to know how to fix this one. When I try to use the js_createSkelGeo, it gives me this “// Error: Wrong number of arguments on call to js_createSkelGeo.”

    I’m using Maya 2009 btw.

    Thanks and God Bless.



  2. Chulwan says:

    Hi, Jason.

    I am studying your Animator Friendly Rigging series.
    It’s amazing. It’s great help to me. But I have a problem that is when I execute the js_matchObj script,
    it doesn’t work (// Error: Cannot find procedure “js_getAttachedObjects”.) I guess the reason is different version. I am using Maya 2010. Please, let me know. I am creazy for this.

    Thanks a lot.

    -Chulwan ( AAU 3D animation student)

  3. jason says:

    Heya Chulwan! I’ve emailed you with the script.. let me know if it works for ya!

    Ariel, can you give me more information about how you’re calling the js_createSkelGeo command?


  4. ryangriffin says:

    I can not seem to access downloads Jason. I am logged in but still no luck. So what am I doing wrong?

  5. Pedro S. says:

    I especially love the oart where the guy at the video store says, ” This isnt a challenge, its an opportunity!”

  6. haruko says:

    Hello, Jeson

    i have the same problem with ariel_atam, and more about the Mel Script problem is the shelves, i can’t load it into my maya2009. i run maya on Macpro, and set the script to the proper files, because the “splitSelJoint” works, it’s amazing, but the others are “red” in maya script box…T_T

    Thanks o lot.

    -haruko (little glasses girl O_O)

    • jason says:

      Heya haruko!

      Can you open up your script editor, and turn on:
      History -> Line Numbers In Errors

      Then when you try and run a script, can you tell me exactly what the error is so i can help you fix it? I’d love to get to the bottom of this!

      Thanks so much!

      • haruko says:

        Hello, Jeson

        there is the feedback:

        i pasted “js_createSkelGeo;” in script editor, then:

        // Error: line 1: Number of arguments on call to js_createSkelGeo does not match number of parameters in procedure definition. //

        and there is another problem, when i run “js_createStretchSplineUI”, it works, but when i run “js_createStretchSpline”, it feedback:

        // Error: Line 1.23: Wrong number of arguments on call to js_createStretchSpline. //

        Did i made mis-operation?

        Thanks a lot.


        • jason says:

          Ah! js_createSkelGeo is supposed to work based off a selection, or based off an array of specified joints.

          If you want to run it based off the selection, you should create an empty array first.. for example:
          string $tmp[0]; clear $tmp;
          js_createSelGeo $tmp;

          That would work.. the shelf button should do this automatically, however so as long as the shelf is working, you shouldn’t have to do this.

          The same thing with the js_createStretchSpline, it’s supposed to work based off the gui. So you run js_createStretchSplineUI and then it will call js_createStretchSpline for you.

          Does that make sense?

  7. hamid says:

    Hi jason
    I have the same problem with js_matchObj in maya 2010 and 2012
    the error is (// Error: Cannot find procedure “js_getAttachedObjects”.)

    thanks a lot

  8. Satya Avinash says:

    Hi Jason
    I recently started with AFR. I fallen in love with Rigging after watching this series.
    I am facing a problem installing the shelf. I am using Maya 2009.
    Maya is showing the below error
    The shelf “AnimatorFriendlyRigging” has items that cannot be read.
    The shelf will only display items before the first unreadable item it finds.
    If you start maya and save this shelf then you will lose the unreadable items.
    This will happen automatically if your preferences set to save the shelves on exit

    Please help me out

    Thnx and God bless

  9. Damanjeet Singh says:

    Hi Jason, I’ve been watching this great tutorial of yours and I dont hav words to thank you for what u hav provided us… thanx a million times… 🙂
    I hav a doubt regarding the script js_matchObj… It works great wid hands, but when i use it for the legs, the pre settings part of it is giving me an error saying “// Error: No object matches name: l_foot_anim.match_pre_1_side”…. where am i missing… what wrong am i doing…plz guide…
    thanx in advance…
    bye take care
    “BIG FAN” 🙂

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