Whew! Part 3b is up and available now! I’m finding that it’s taking about 2 hours or so to convert each section to be available for download through lulu, so at this rate hopefully I’ll be done by the end of the week! 🙂

Go straight to the page, or check out the preview video:

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8 Responses to Animator Friendly Rigging – Part 3b available

  1. GrimPixel says:

    Any chance you are going to package them all together at the end? I am glad we get to buy these more directly from you this time around! Hopefully, that means more of cut in your very deserving pocket.

    • jason says:

      Thanks GrimPixel!

      I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the entire package, so I think that’s a great idea! I’ll definitely offer the complete set as a single package deal when it’s all uploaded! 🙂

    • jason says:

      Oh! and I’m sure the next question will be price, right? Currently each individual dvd costs about 15 dollars. There are 8 dvds in the series, so in total that would come to about 120 dollars (vs 240 dollars when autodesk was offering it). It seems to make sense to make a bit of a deal of it when people purchase the entire package at once, so I was thinking that if someone purchased the whole thing at one time I could knock 15 bucks off the price, essentially giving them one of the dvds for free.

      How does that sound?

  2. Grimpixel says:

    Great to hear!! Honestly, I am more then happy to pay full price for each DVD. It really was just more the convenience of having everything together as one package.

    • jason says:

      cool! I’m having a bit of trouble uploading the 3C video to lulu.. for some reason it’s not working. I’ll hopefully get that solved tonight. 🙁

  3. Grimpixel says:

    PS. This might not be the place for it, nor do expect you to have the time, but should the inclination hit you. I would be curious to hear any thoughts you had about bi directional constraints in Maya or in rigging in general. Useful, not useful, worth implementing in a rig, a waste of time etc…

    • jason says:

      I think they’d be great! I love the idea, just want to make sure that whatever implimentation is done is easy for animators to use. 🙂

  4. Bruno says:

    Hi Jason. Great to know you´re selling the dvds yourself. I will definetelly buy now, I will wait till you upload the whole package, so I can buy it all. I´m seeing the preview videos and it´s awesome man, you def. make it fun to learn. Bye

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