Heya folks!

I think I’ll have a little time this week to update some stuff after work, and was thinking that it might be useful to update the Animator Friendly Rigging shelf.

My thought is that I would combine all four AFR shelves into one.. including all icons (in png format). The trick is.. it would check and see if you have the appropriate scripts installed before displaying the icon. Thus, only one shelf necessary to install!

Is it worth it? What do you think?


3 Responses to AFR updated shelf.. useful?

  1. Deocliciano says:

    It break my shelf, i do not know what i did wrong, using Maya 2011.
    As i am still following yr tutorial, i went back to the old one.

    Thanks anyway, i used the new icons, reduced the size, because they rendered huge.
    Note: I’m not a skilled Maya user.
    BTW Maya 2011 complains allot about “”The -la/-labelAlign flag is obsolete and should not be used””.

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