If you’ve been watching the site at all this weekend, you’ll notice a few things moving around and some new images coming up.

I’m really hoping that the community forum becomes a great hub for people to discuss the Animator Friendly Rigging series.  If you’ve bought the dvds, please come chat about your experience using them!  If you’re thinking about buying them, come ask questions!

Hope you’re all doing well, and I will see you in the forums!



4 Responses to Continued updating the AFR forums..

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hey Jason! glad to see you more active in your blog, hope your tight schedule lets you share some of your world with the rest of us more frequently.
    Btw, are you planning on doing some education on the animation side? you know, maybe not something typical that’s been taught over and over again, but more something including your experience and personality, at least some short videos? I really like the way you teach, you’re very inspiring (and humble!).

    • jason says:

      Thanks Sebastian! 🙂 I’m hoping that I get more opportunity to share with everyone as well.. it’s been a bit tight lately, but hopefully things will ease up! I am working on a post for tonight that’s not “rigging” or “AFR” related.. *gasp* 🙂

      I have done a few animation classes for AnimationMentor, and every once in a while I do a post about animating and stuff.. but I haven’t thought about selling an Animation-related class yet. I’ll keep it on the back-burner though! 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words about my teaching style.. thank you!!

  2. jason i’d love to see animtion lecture dvds.. maybe a shot walkthrough.

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