One of my favorite blogs for helping me become a better professional artist is the Accidental Creative. They do a really great job of coaching on how to maintain creative excellence and deliver a product on time.

As someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I’m very used to seeing artists burn out and become bitter after many years. Listening to the Accidental Creative has really helped me maintain my excitement and inspiration about creating art as part of my job.

Their latest post about developing an “effectiveness obsession” kind of relates to the posts I’ve been discussing recently about quality vs quantity and dealing with time management. While waiting for my next post on finding the intent in your shot, I highly recommend you read Why We Need To Develop An Effectiveness Obsession, and check out some of the other posts at Accidental Creative.


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5 Responses to Develop an Effectiveness Obsession

  1. Todd Henry says:

    Thanks for the mention, Jason! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Hey Jason. I’ve followed the free A.C. Podcasts for a year or two. I found them because I got hooked on the Seth Godin interviews. Do you pay for the full deal? Is it worth it for you? So far the free ones are hit or miss for me.

    (yeah, I see Todd Henry is reading. But, I’m sure he can take the honest truth if you have a less than 100% positive response)

    • jason says:

      Heya Brian!

      I actually haven’t paid for the full deal.. I’ve just enjoyed the free ones. There are definitely ones that are more effective at any particular time than others.. but overall I really like Todd’s take on trying to keep creative AND produce effectively.

      Which ones worked for you and which ones didn’t quite float your boat?

      • Bahrullo says:

        Hi!I just did a search on Jason and found you!What’s your name? Please tell me more about you.I’m ready to buy more of Jason’s stuff inc his Poor Man’s Product Launch. Can you get me an aatfliife link so you get some commission?I’d love to know who else you follow: I found Jason via Robert Plank who I only discovered about a week ago.Warmest,Chris

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