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  1. Beder says:

    Hi Jason
    Thank you for this awesome AFR.
    I have three questions:
    — Can you give us or guide us to study shows us the importance,the fact that many of the Animator rarely use FK and rely on IK ? Frankly, I did not know its importance?
    — On the assumption that I used IK/FK all together or one of them?Well ,How Can I choose between them for skinning the arm for example?
    — I wish you to clarify an important point is how can we choose from that a lot of joints for the purpose of skinning the Character?

  2. Layla Soileau says:

    Do these lessons apply to a particular software package? Thanks!

  3. jason says:

    Hiya layla!

    The lessons are built for Maya, but the concepts apply to all packages. 🙂

  4. Corey Getsi says:

    Hi Jason!

    First off…you’re rigging series is amazing! Seriously awesome stuff. I had to learn rigging as fast as possible for a project I was working on and it was made very easy and painless thanks to your teaching. So, thank you very much!

    I have a question about the “js_matchObj.mel” script included in the dvd series. When I try to run the script after selecting the “ik_hand_anim” as instructed, I get this error: // Error: Cannot find procedure “js_getAttachedObjects”. I don’t know virtually anything about MEL scripting right now, so I can’t figure out how to fix it. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for everything!

  5. jason says:

    @Corey Getsi
    If you go to the downloads section corey, you can find js_getAttachedObjects there! 🙂


  6. Angela says:

    Hi Jason!

    I’m having a problem getting the length attribute for the fingers set up correctly. When I run the Length script, I get weird scaling for every finger except the middle one. It seems that some of the joints in the other fingers are scaling along the z axis instead of x. The joint orientations seem to all be the same, so I’m not sure why it’s scaling in z for some joints and in x for others, even within the same finger.

    I tried taking a look inside the js_SetDrivenKeyLength script, even though I know very little about MEL, and it seems there’s a js_GetJointAxis.mel that gets the axis, but I can’t find it in the scripts folder. That’s when I hit the end of my knowledge!

    Any help you could give would on this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for a great rigging series, and continuing the support on AFR even with your busy schedule!

    • KevBoy says:

      This is a very late reply but it might help someone else. The joint chain you are adding length attributes to should only have translate values on one axis (it seems to use this to find which axis to use).

  7. camiloman says:

    HI Jason I am very interested in your Rigging Bundle , where can I find more information about the content ?



  8. jason says:

    Hiya Camilo! you can go here to find more information: http://jasonschleifer.com/afr/

    thanks for the interest! 🙂

  9. Camilo says:

    Hey Jason!! thanks for the reply, sometimes I have to make characters for commercials so I usually do not have enought time to spend on rigging, so Would the “fast Animation Rig training kit” be my best option?




  10. jason says:


    Fast animation rigs is more about making rigs that work quickly, not how to create rigs quickly. 🙂 If you’re under the gun to get rigs up and going quick for commercials, I’d recommend two things.. first, get yourself a quick rig building toolkit that will get you what you need fast so you can get the work for your clients done. Raf’s Setup Machine is pretty good to start with: http://www.anzovin.com/products/tsm2maya.html

    Then, I’d recommend getting Animator Friendly Rigging so you can learn more about what types of things you’d like to do, and get more instruction about how to build rigs. This way you have a method of delivering what you need right away, and also a path for how to better your skills in the future. 🙂

  11. Ali says:

    hello sir ,i ve tried JS_multiconstraint for point & orient constraint but after point constraint when i tried the same process for orient constraint it gives me error , i checked the same error mentioned in afr documentation , kindly tell me if there is any possible solution for this asap i ll b very thankful to u!


  12. jason says:

    Hiya Ali! what is the error you’re getting? I’ll see if I can help! 🙂

  13. John says:

    Hi Jason,
    I just watched Megamind this weekend. Very awesome job….it was Fantastic!!
    I have a question in regards to the mirroring of the arms from your AFR tutorials. I am running into an issue with the twisty spline segment of the forearms in which it is rotating the opposite direction as that of the wrist. I’ve noticed that this issue is also happening in the JJ rig also. Ive been trying to find out how to fix this with adjusting settings with the IK handle and have had no luck. It seems to me as if it would be a simple fix but I havent found anything yet. Thanks for any help


  14. Dave says:

    John, I was having the same problem mirroring the arm. I was able to narrow it down to the up_arm and low_arm curves. There is an existing multiDivide node running into them and if you change in Input 2X value to a negative value it will flip the curve. If you followed the naming convention in the docs or vids then you should be able to find the nodes as “r_up_arm_curve_normalizedScale” and “r_low_arm_curve_normalizedScale”.

    You will want to un-parent the arm geo before changing it otherwise it will flip as well. Hope this helps.

  15. Jason M. says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’m interested in getting your AFR tut’s. I have the student version of Maya 2011 Win 64. Were your tutorials created with an earlier version? I’m sure the concept and theory will transfer over, but just wondering if newer versions since the tut’s creation will have so much more powerful tools to them that might not get covered. Thanks for any help on this.

  16. jahirulamin says:

    Hi Jason

    Hope your well.

    Sorry to be a pain but I just wanted to pick your brain regarding the Animator Friendly Rigging dvd. I’ve been following the tutorials and they’ve been great but I’m at a stage where I am mirroring one side to the other and I seem to get many problems that arise. One in particular is applying the Stretchy IK to the arm – either it does’nt create the node network correctly or it places the stretch on the translate Z instead of the intended X.

    Now i’m thinking it would be best to just re-create the other side from new rather than mirroring the joints over (use them as a base to make sure the new joints are in the correct place though) but in doing so, I would lose the function of the mirrored behaviour – which I know is not the right way to go.

    Any help would be great.
    All the best.

  17. jahirul amin says:

    Hi Jason – I solved the issue – so it’s all good. Great DVD’s by the way – awesome stuff.

  18. Deocliciano says:

    Very competent and franc tutorial.
    Last chapter is daunting for a rookie like me (even with the extensive documentation) but i am exciting.

    Thx allot.

  19. Juan says:

    Whats up Jason!! Really quick question!
    I was wondering if the JJ rig only works for the JJ with the broken geometry. It is possible to skin the rig to the complete JJ model? I mean the one that is not segmented. If it is possible, how it is done? I know skinning is a very complex process but just some guide lines would help me a ton!
    Thanks man AWESOMEEEE tutorials!!

  20. Deocliciano says:

    Juan, i thought the same, the it became clear that skinning is perhaps easier on a segmented mesh, you just stitch it in the end and polish corners.
    But i am new to Maya …

  21. malik1988 says:

    one of many ways to correct the length on the fingers is to go to your script file and go to \maya\scripts
    1-open the js_splitSelJoint.mel
    2-scroll down until you find global proc string js_getJoint Axis(string $child)
    3-in this proc you ll find a switch statment about line 13 for axis
    4-replace the axis of the cases that dont match your axis with your axis that u want to scale in;
    5- after run the script
    6-dont forget to undo your edits on the script “this is a temp answer ” the script should stay in the original fourm;

  22. Brian says:

    AM Alum here and I was looking online to find some rigging tutorials and came across your site. I downloaded the package and very well done. Very easy to follow and the knowledge I have gained on the technical side of Maya is just top notch. Everything is working out great except I have 1 question.

    I am working on a rig for a video game that I am making with some friends. I want to utilize the IK Stretch Spline on the rig, but the game engine we are using requires me to bake the animations on the actual skeleton before I import it in, so when I animate, I bake the animation and when I get rid of the constraints the head does not follow. I think it does not follow because the rig isn’t fully connected because with the IK Stretch Spine, it is a broken apart rig. Is there any way to make that a complete rig? Can I have 2 rigs (broken apart and whole) and somehow constrain them to each other or something? The volume control on the IK Stretch spline would be awesome to use, I just need some help getting it into Unity Game Engine.

    Thanks for any insight or tips you can give Jason.

  23. Camilo says:

    Hi Jason congrats for Megamind I like it so much. I was watching your arm twist set up and looks awesome, do you think that is possible create a cartoon bendy arm on top of the joints for the AFR twist segment?


  24. Stefan says:

    Hey Jason,

    I’m going through your really great tutorials and noticed, that the script ‘js_createSkelGeo’ doesn’t work for me.

    Error message:
    string $tmp[0];
    clear $tmp;
    js_createSkelGeo $tmp;
    // Error: string $tmp[0]; //
    // Error: Line 1.15: Invalid redeclaration of variable “$tmp” as a different type. //
    // Error: js_createSkelGeo $tmp; //
    // Error: Line 3.22: Cannot cast data of type string to string[]. //

    Thanks for any help! 😀


    • jason says:

      hmm.. you’re running this from the shelf?

      • Stefan says:

        Yep, I’m running the script from the shelf. I tried it again and It works fine. Maybe I was just too stupid 😀


      • Dixon says:

        Hi Jason, I’m going through the tutorials and I’ve got the “Invalid redeclaration of variable “$tmp” as a different type” error as well, i’m running it from the shelf.

        • Dixon says:

          Tested some more, and the script works when entering in the joint names manually. But not when selecting (perhaps i’m doing something wrong).

  25. Greg says:

    Hey Jason!

    Have you been thinking about making a kit about facial setup?

  26. miccetro says:

    hey Jason, I’m having a weird problem with the ik stretch for the hand, when i run the create ik stretch script or do it manually with mel the joints scale unpredictably and the joints get really stretched, it kinda looks like the problem stems from the low arm(elbow) joint but not sure, help please the is the first glitch I’ve had so far and the series have been magnificent by way. Wow! what a series.

  27. Absorbentghost says:

    Hello there jason,im having dificulties running any of yours scripts,im using maya 2014 and 2013,none of them seems to be working ,how do i run the scripts?

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