Ever since we went up to San francisco to shoot some vide reference a few weeks ago I have been craving another video reference trip.

I found it so inspiring and exciting to watch people in their everyday activities.. Noticing how huge crowds are like fluid noise.. If you stare at any one person you see how unique and individual they are, but if you pull back and blur your eyes it’s as if everyone swims along with each others current.

It reminded me that every character has a unique story that leads them to the moment you are observing or animating them. Someone walks in front of you.. Where are they headed? Where did they just come from? What are they doing that night? Whom are they in love with? When was the last time they had a good talk with their best friend? Where are they from? How long are they in town?

So many questions.. So many opportunities.. So many possibilities.. Its really quite exciting!

So today we went to the zoo with the kids.. I was hoping to get a bit more reference shot, but instead spent the time playing and laughing with the kids. In the end.. It was more inspiring and exciting than video reference could ever be. 🙂


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  1. davidbernal says:

    Awesome post! so inspiring to here!! you have photos you can post?

  2. davidbernal says:

    oops, I meant *hear

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