The Weta Cave.

Wow.. my old office is now a museum!  Crazy!!

If anyone goes, I’d love to see photos.. I’m curious if my old desk is still there & if they have maniquins representing the animators “working at their desks”.  Is the ping pong table still there?


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  1. Lars says:

    Damn this is way too weird. Feels like yesterday that you were blogging about it and now it’s a museum! We must be gettng old quick.

    Grtz Lars

  2. jason says:

    Tell me about it.. it makes me feel OLD!

  3. frankEnjoy says:

    I have a plan,may be after couple of days,if i am ready to go ,i`ll tell you my friend!

  4. frankEnjoy says:

    my Email adress, also my MSN

  5. frankEnjoy says:

    I will arrive in Auckland at June 28, and then transfer to Dunedin. I am looking forwad to spend some day with the postguys in NHNZ, i really really want to pay a visit of The Weta Cave, would u tell me my lord Jason ,how can i get there? I appreciate
    very much!!!

  6. frankEnjoy says:

    I mean ,is there any bus or train from Dunedin to Wellington? Cause i do not want to fly anymore.
    Would u please give me some advice, are there anyplace else to visit?

  7. jason says:

    you can probably get a bus from dunedin to picton.. then take the ferry over to wellington! Once you’re in wellington, it’s pretty easy to get anywhere.. I believe a bus can take you from the ferry station right over to camperdown studios!

  8. frankEnjoy says:

    That is very kind of you Jason !! Perhaps i will take some photos of your desk and bring back to you if they let me!

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