Animation Insiders is a new series of books dedicated to animation, put together by Patrick Beaulieu.  I’m really excited to be a part of this series.  It’s a whole bunch of interviews with a number of incredibly talented animators all talking about various parts of animation.  This first book is on Workflow and contains total gems by some good friends, and some people I’m hoping to meet some day!

It’s available April 27th, check it out!


6 Responses to Animation Insiders – Available April 27th

  1. Francis says:

    What will be the next book about ?
    Did you interview all the animators in that book ?

    I was checking from time to time to the Book site, to see if it would be realese one day 😉 Since nearly half of the animatior are really “in the animation community” I think that book serie will be interesting. We will se 😛

  2. Francis says:

    “Did you interview all the animators in that book ?”

    Oups forgive me, that sentence had no sence 😉
    Ok, i will go sleep 😛

  3. Patrick says:

    Hi Francis,
    For the first book, there is 13 Animators participants. 13 amazing peoples :)who speak about one subject: Animation Workflow

    The next book is currently in progress, the book will talk about character developpement.

    Enjoy !

  4. Dan Segarra says:

    Great idea for an animation book! Lookin’ forward to this.

  5. Steve Weymouth says:

    Hi Jason,

    What’s happened to the free download of Animation Insiders?
    Have I missed a window, can’t seem to locate it anywhere?


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