Continuing with the act of getting the Animator Friendly Rigging series up and running, I’ve now got Part 2a available for purchae from!

Just as before with part 1, I’ve uploaded an example pdf with about 13 or so pages demonstrating some of the documentation, and also provided a 6+ minute example video (low resolution, but gives you a little bit of an idea as to what you’ll be getting, presentation style, etc).

And if you haven’t seen the reference I’m talking about in this example video, you can see a low-resolution version here:

Yes.  We do look like idiots. 🙂

Thanks again for all the kind words about the series!  I’m going to keep uploading them as I get them ready!


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3 Responses to Animator Friendly Rigging – part 2a available!

  1. Josh says:

    Hey Jason,

    First of all, loving the series. Been wanting to get more into rigging for a while now and this is a great course. However, I seem to be having a problem with AFR_2A’s mov. It cut’s out at about 1:40:30 with the audio starting to go out and then just nothing but sporadic bits of audio every now and then and a frozen frame visually.

    I tried redownloading the vid again from to no avail. Any ideas?


    • jason says:

      Heya josh!

      thanks for puchasing the material! I’ll check out the movie tonight when I get home.. if you can email me your receipt from I can forward you a working movie! 🙂
      jason.schleifer (at)

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