In my continued quest to get all the Animator Friendly Rigging tutorials available, I’ve just finished uploading Part 2b – the continuation of Part 2a.

This part focuses on finishing the Torso rig, and gets into the head and neck.  It’s quite a long one.. the movie file that comes with it is over 800 megs (yipes!), and is about 2 hours and 40 minutes long.

Here’s a preview of the section where I talk about the head:

And a demo of what types of controls you have with the head and torso:

Currently part 2 is broken into two bits.. 2a and 2b, simply because that’s how Autodesk had broken it up originally.  I’m happy to continue providing them as a separate bits, or combining them into a single part 2 if people are interested.  Let me know if that’s desirable, and I’ll do the same with parts 3 and parts 4.

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