Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay in the rest of the AFR series being available. The content is ready, but I’m having trouble getting it available on lulu.com. For some reason the movies aren’t uploading correctly, so I’m not able to make a product for purchasing.

I’m looking into alternative vendors besides lulu.. if any of you know of good eCommerce websites that will host and distribute content, please let me know!

Hopefully we’ll have this sorted soon!!


4 Responses to Delay in full AFR being available..

  1. Jim says:

    I looked into this a while back and have recently heard good things about Pulley, which is from the same people who made Big Cartel. It’s in beta right now but you should be able to sign up for an invite (no pricing info right now though):


    And here’s the help/faqs:


  2. jason says:

    Thanks Jim! I’m checkin them out and also fastspring.com, they look like they might be good.

    any other suggestions? 🙂

  3. Bruno says:

    Hi Jason. Not sure if this site is any good for that.

    Hope all goes well, can´t wait to get my copy.

  4. jason says:

    I’ve been working with springboard.com and it’s great!

    I should have all of the training material available through there by the end of the night, tonight.. including (hopefully) the bundle! 🙂

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