Heya folks!

I have some great news! Β As of tonight, the entire 8 set of Animator Friendly Rigging materials are available for purchase from my new store at fastspring.com!

You can buy bit individually for $14.99 a piece, or you can jump in with both feet and buy the entire set at once! Β If you buy the whole thing, you get 8 bits for the price of 7!

I’m down in LA this week, so I’ll be putting the official pages together on how to buy this stuff with example pdf’s and movies and such probably this weekend, but I wanted to get this stuff up for you all now asap!

To purchase the individual materials, please go to the following pages:

Part 1 -> Introduction to Rigging, the bouncy ball

Part 2a -> Introduction to bipeds, the torso

Part 2b -> The torso continued, and the head

Part 3a -> The arm

Part 3b -> The arm continued

Part 3c -> The hand and fingers

Part 4a -> The foot and leg

Part 4b -> Completing the rig: mirroring, ui, presentation, etc

Or you can purchase the entire bundle with all the training materials at once!

I hope this new store works well for everyone and that the material is useful!

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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19 Responses to Animator Friendly Rigging – All Products Now Available!

  1. Matt says:

    Hey Jason – great to see these are available now. I’m just wondering about picking up these, particularly the arm modules. However as I’m rigging for games rather than film I wonder if you can tell me if these lessons are more geared to less realtime appropriate solutions? For example are you using corrective blends and such-like?

    • jason says:

      Heya Matt!

      I’m not doing any corrective blendshape work in this material, as it’s focused more on the animation rig and not on the skinning side of things.

      As for whether or not it’s good for games, some of the theories would work great, but on the arm rig here there are a bunch of things that I’m doing that may not specifically apply, or even be possible in the game engine. Things like stretchy arms, twisting segments, etc.

      But many of the concepts for figuring out what an arm rig needs to do would definitely apply.


      • Matt says:

        Cool I think it’s time to get someones company credit card out then πŸ˜‰

        It’s kind of surprising what we’re actually able to do these days in games so I think these techniques are likely to be much more applicable than a few years back. And if not then its time i kicked some of our animation engineers in the butt to make them work! πŸ˜€

        BTW I still wear my ‘hi Im an overworked computer graphics special effects artist and sometimes i like to think people give a shit about my opinion’ bag I got off your old site years back with pride!

        • jason says:

          hahaha! I forgot about that.. how awesome! πŸ™‚ Can you send me a photo of you with it?

          Not for creepy reasons. just ‘cuz I think it would be cool to see! πŸ™‚

          thanks matt!

  2. Raveen says:

    WOOOT! So happy about this!

    I have a question about fastspring. I checked their site and I couldn’t seem to find it (I probably missed it since i tend to do things like that. >_>)

    When I purchase your videos, does it have a limited time in which I have to download the videos? Or can I download them anytime in the future? Some Ecommerce sites seem to have a limit, like you have to download everything within a week and the link will expire, etc.

    The reason I ask is, as I mentioned before, I have the worst connection known to man, so it will take me quite a while to download everything. :p

    Thanks again Jason, so stoked about this being available now! πŸ˜€

    • jason says:

      you should be able to click on the links above to go right to the site to purchase the dvds.. is that not working?

      I’ll check into how long the downloads are available.. that’s a great question!

      • Raveen says:

        Oh! Your links are working. I meant I couldn’t find the duration of the downloads, I couldn’t find any information on their website.

        Thanks for looking into it!

    • jason says:

      heya Raveen!

      okay, I checked into it. fastspring has a policy that changes based on the file size. For small files it’s a few days, for larger files it can be up to two weeks.

      For these files since they’re so big it looks like the policy is 15 attempts or 14 days. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  3. Grimpixel says:

    Amazing!!! I am so happy to be able to grab these as directly from you as possible! Fantastic!

  4. molemansd7 says:

    My company purchased these several months back from Lulu. We’re a game production house and as he stated in a comment above, a lot of these principles do still apply. I love these videos and reference them often. Congrats again on getting them out.

  5. Raveen says:

    Awesome! Thanks for posting regarding how many days the downloads are up for! πŸ˜€

  6. Bruno says:

    Hey Jason. Thanks for this.

  7. Josh says:

    Hi Jason,

    Really great news that you’re now selling these as I’d purchased the first half from Autodesk but now i can purchase the rest from you directly.

    Just wondering about the price difference between your stated $14.95 and the $18.95 that is on the actual sales website. Which is it supposed to be?


  8. John CG says:

    Hi Jason,
    In Animator Friendly Rigging series you show how to create a blend colors node to switch the arm rig (as well as the leg rig) from IK mode to FK mode (and vice versa), but is it true that the arm/leg will flop as we switch the mode (or am I missing something here?) Would it be very inconvenient to animate having those rigs snapping back and forth suddenly like so? Thank you very much.

  9. jason says:

    @John CG
    Yep, it would totally flop between them… that’s why I also show how to create a matching script to make the switching happen with out any arm or leg change. Basically when switching from fk to ik, it looks at the arm’s position on the frame you want to switch, and then copies the ik position to the same place as the fk, then makes the switch. Same for ik to fk. This way you can switch all you like, and it doesn’t cause any funkiness! πŸ™‚

  10. John CG says:

    Your matching script is such a Rosetta stone to IK-FK switching conundrum! Thank you so much!
    By the way, maybe it’s just me or my computer doing sth wrong, but I found two (I think, very minor) bugs in 2 different scripts: js_setUpMultiConstraint and js_createTwistySegment.
    I watched your video clips while practicing interactively on my project, and whereas you had no problem at all setting up multiple translation (then rotation) constraints for “head_anim”, in my case, after “T_space” attribute for “head_anim” is set up just fine, an error says “there already exists head_anim_grp” when creating “O_space”. This can easily solved by rename the “head_anim_grp” group. But it’s just a little strange when the script behaves slightly different in my case. (I didn’t change anything in the script.)
    With js_setUpMultiConstraint, even when I enable/disable (by ticking “yes/no”) “World Scale” feature, the button “load selected” still (hauntedly) stays disabled, thus I cannot choose “globalScale” attribute or anything else for this feature to work. How can I fix this?
    Once again, these are just very minor unpredictable reactions of these 2 scripts in comparison to how greatly your AFR series can help me overall, and I really appreciate your help!

  11. John CG says:

    If I type in MEL command line “js_createTwistySegment l_up_arm l_up_arm 4 0 0 1 all_anim globalScale;” (I assume) it still works fine! Guess I need to learn more MEL to be able to revise, or hack, or do things myself : ) Thank you a lot anyway!

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