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The Art of Megamind

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Now that I’m done with megamind (woo!) I get to wait patiently for the world to be able to see it!

It’s really exciting to start to see posters, commercials, etc. I can’t wait for the reviews to start coming in!

One of the other exciting things is that the art of megamind book is going to be available soon! Check out this video and the review.. woo!


13 Responses to The Art of Megamind

  1. Nice. It was in my shopping basket as of yesterday! Looking forward to seeing the film.

    I wish there were more flip-throughs of books like that… I buy so many books online I have no idea what the art to text ratio looks like usually.

  2. jason says:

    Totally! I loved the flip through!

  3. Priyasha says:

    Awesome! Am going to get one!

  4. gangaiwar says:

    jason, speak up..!! say something

  5. Lauren says:

    Saw the movie awhile back and I just have to say you guys did a fantastic job! The animation alone makes me crack up without fail, top notch work, can’t wait for your next film!

  6. Reza Farsad says:

    saw it yesterday,,and it was great in everyway….the animates were awesome,,something between reality and cartoony(madagascar type) and it was great on facials…the rain sequence was alone very very good,,dont remember something as good as tht one…..
    and what about the guys who did the shading/lighting/composites???they did great too…dont mentioning the dynamics which were mind blowing…..

    can you introduce the guys who did the character models/shaders????

  7. Sebastian says:

    hey, Jason, I just discovered your blog and it seems abandoned! almost 4 months without an update! c’mon, we want to know how you are, please don’t let your blog die, it’s so much inspirational

  8. jason says:

    Sorry, been really busy lately! 🙂 I’ll try and post something soon!

    Reza, thanks very much for the kind words about megamind.. it was a lot of fun! We had many many people on the show, so it’d be hard to mention all of them.. i can tell you people who did specific effects if you like!

  9. Reza Farsad says:

    Thanks Jason,,,well most of all i lioke to know the people who did the skin shaders/textures and look developers for megamind and other characters..they did some great works there….

  10. Geetanjali says:


    A little late to comment………..loved the movie…..and all the characters, the animation and characterisation was amazing

  11. shaila says:

    I am going to watch Megamind in cineplex@Bangladesh tomorrow…with my friends..i just love the movie… superb..animation…

  12. Tay says:

    I just discovered your blog and I must say you did a superb job with Megamind!!
    The movie is magnificient! Gorgous and impressive animation going on there, I can’t wait to see more.

  13. Tay says:

    What do the people at DreamWorks think of Megamind’s performance in the box office?
    Can the movie be perhaps the next franchise for DreamWorks Animation studios?

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