One of the things that people have asked me about over the years is why are there two different versions of the shelves in the Animator Friendly Rigging series.  There’s an OSX version and a PC version.  They also ask about whether or not there is a linux version.

The only version of Maya I personally own is the OSX version, so I’m unable to test the shelves on anything else.

It used to be the case that the icons on the Mac used to need to be in .iff format, while the pc versions had to be .bmp.

I think that with 2011, Maya allows for .png files for all of their icons, but I’m not positive.  I’ve attached a zip file to this post that has the shelf for part 1 of the Animator Friendly Rigging series with new icons in .png format.

Would anyone be willing to download them and test to see if they work on Windows, and/or Linux?

Thanks very much, I appreciate it! 🙂


[download id=”9″]


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  1. Works just fine in 2011 on Windows. (Tested on Win 7 x64 and Maya 2011 x64)

  2. Roger Eberhart says:

    They work, but after I reload Maya, they’re huge. Is there any way to manage the scale (other than just resizing them in Photoshop)? I’m using Maya 2012 on Windows 7.

  3. jason says:

    I noticed that.. I think I need to create new ones that are the correct size. 🙂 I was hoping that Maya would scale them automatically.. no such luck!

    • Yahui Xue says:

      Hello!Teacher Jason,I am also an enthusiast of rigging,I have learned rigging for a long time,but I can’t do a full rigging by myself,It’s so frustrating,badly,up to now ,I really don’t know that what I should do next???please give me some tips,Thank you in advance

  4. brainsc says:

    it looks nice

  5. srinu says:

    i have problem
    source js_copyPivot;js_copyPivot;
    // Error: source js_copyPivot;js_copyPivot; //
    // Error: Cannot find file “js_copyPivot” for source statement. //

  6. ncd says:

    Hey there. Could you still provide that link to the pngs?

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