So after looking at a number of different forum options for this site, I’ve decided to go with Google Groups instead of an integrated forum solution.  It seems to be the easiest solution, and I won’t have to worry about updating plugins, managing hackers, etc.

Please check it out and join in..

Google Groups
Animator Friendly Rigging Community
Visit this group

I’ll be posting updated scripts over the next day or so!  enjoy!


5 Responses to Going with Google Groups for community forum!

  1. Tom Burbage says:

    Jason, this was probably wise. I’ve thought about eventually setting up a forum on my own site, but have watched in horror as hackers have taken over other people’s forums like Kudzu on a Gulf Coast shack. Maybe the security problems make it too hard to effectively control for the non-pro admin…

    Redwood City

    • jason says:

      thanks tom! that was exactly my thought. After years of installing forum software, building up communities, and then seeing them fall apart with spammers over and over again, it was a realization that I just don’t have the energy to fight it. It’d much rather focus on the things I care about. 🙂

  2. This is sad. But talking from a hobbyist point of view, and one that spend some of his lousy savings on tutorials that did less than what i’ve seen on some reels, your tutorial is outstanding, resourceful and entertaining.

    Imagine IF you had teach how to rig the head?

    It is sad, interned is a safe-heaven for bullies.

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