I just found out that the site that I was selling “Integrating a Creature Rig” and “Fast Animation Rigs” (http://lulu.com) no longer allows downloadable dvds to be sold.

Thus, I’m going to have to move the content to fastspring.com, the place that I currently sell Animator Friendly Rigging, and probably the best online sales site I’ve ever seen. Their support is amazing, and I’ve been extremely happy with their service!

I’ll let everyone know when the content is moved.. and I’ll probably have a huge sale, too just to celebrate!


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  1. Sebastian says:

    “great sale to celebrate” that’s cool! I’ll probably buy them!

    Btw, I repeat a question I made several months ago, any plans on doing another training series, focused on animation? I know you are a super busy person, but I don’t lose hope to be able to learn from you besides the blog!

    • Jason says:

      Thanks!! πŸ™‚

      I would love to do more training.. But time is so difficult to come by :). Heading up the animation for a movie takes quite a bit of energy and time, and then with family.. Well.. There just isn’t a lot of time available. :). I’m having a hard enough time keeping up with email as it is! Heh :). But someday, I would like to do more…

      • Paul says:

        I’m just getting into the industry now as an Intern at Triggerfish in South Africa, Cape Town, and I can honestly say I don’t know how supervisors and leads have time for anything else except the movie! It’s a big responsibility, you guys are really inspirational.
        Fantastic work Jason, thanks for everything πŸ™‚

      • Anton says:

        im all over that man if you do! cheers

  2. Tr?ng Hoan says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you so much for creating these series, as they are of great, great help of guiding me through my project workflow.

    However, I don’t know if it’s because I was doing sth wrong, but I’m having a small trouble with jsRigReferencing:

    When I ran jsReference Interface (from Fast Animation Rigs) on Maya 2011, after the path to the macMan.rig file specified, the script loaded the rig with low-res model successfully but also reported:

    // Error: Cannot convert data of type string to type string[]. //

    Then the jsRigUI could not load the rig with high-res model as in the tutorial.

    I also tried to use these scripts for my own project. Even though my low.ma, high.ma and the rig file are all in the same folder, the script encountered this error:

    // Error: Cannot find the scene file. //

    I’m not sure if it’s a version compatibility issue or not.

    I know you are super super busy, therefore I would really appreciate your help.

    (I bought your series on LuLu.com and still have the order receipt with me)

    • jason says:

      Heya! sorry it took so long to reply, it’s been a busy holiday! πŸ™‚

      Can you turn on line numbers in errors in Maya so I can see what line is returning the error? that would help diagnose the problem.

      cheers! πŸ™‚

      • Tr?ng Hoan says:

        Sure! I thought you would never have time to reply, thanks a lot, Jason!
        Here it is:

        As you open jsRigUI in Maya 2011’s script editor, you’ll see from line 184 ($result = `fileDialog -dm ($dirName + “/*”)` the rest of the whole script turns red after the “/” sign.

        I think this is caused as Maya updated some script syntax, here is a part of Maya 2011’s documentation on fileDialog command:

        “The fileBrowserDialog and fileDialog commands have now been deprecated. Both commands are still callable, but it is recommended that the fileDialog2 command be used instead. To maintain some backwards compatibility, both fileBrowserDialog and fileDialog will convert the flags/values passed to them into the appropriate flags/values that the fileDialog2 command uses and will call that command internally. It is not guaranteed that this compatibility will be able to be maintained in future versions so any new scripts that are written should use fileDialog2. See below for an example of how to change a script to use fileDialog2.”

        // Old way:
        fileDialog -directoryMask “/usr/u/bozo/myFiles/*.ma”;
        fileDialog -dm “*.cc”;

        // Recommended way:
        fileDialog2 -startingDirectory “/usr/u/bozo/myFiles/” -fileFilter (“Maya Ascii (*.ma)”);

        Btw, I found that Danielpk suggested some way around for jsReferenceRig a long time ago on cgtalk:


        but even after changing that part of the script as shown by Danielpk, jsRigUI still doesn’t work for me, it still reports: “// Error: Cannot find the scene file. //”

        I also did try some tweak with the updated command fileDialog2 but still could not make it working.
        “// Error: Cannot find the scene file. //” πŸ™

        Looking forward to hearing from you, Jason. Thanks a bunch!

        • jason says:


          I haven’t found the scene file error, but I did find another issue in jsReferenceRig.mel.. turns out that for some reason when trying to reference in the .rig file, the reference node is locked so it can’t add the “animControls” attribute (line 249ish). I added this line at 249:

          lockNode -lock off $reference;

          and that seemed to fix the problem. I also then updated the fileDialog line in jsRigUI.mel to look like:

          $result = `fileDialog2 -startingDirectory ($dirName + “/*”)`;

          and it worked perfectly.

          I’m guessing in your situation, the .rig file might not be in the same place as your scene files that it’s trying to reference? Can you tell me what the .rig file says?


  3. dale cannon says:

    Any idea on when we will be able to buy Integrating a Creature rig & Fast Animation Rigs since they are no longer on Lulu.com
    Thank you

    • jason says:

      Hi dale!

      sorry, I’ve been pretty busy with work & family life & haven’t had a chance to move these over to fastspring.. I’ll try and do that this week for everyone! πŸ™‚

  4. Tr?ng Hoan says:

    Hi Jason,
    I figured out that there might be something wrong with either my animation controls’ naming, or the amount of them in the two rigs, or even the way they are organized in the hierarchy (I did put the .rig file in the same place as that of my scene files.)
    As the rigs got a bit complex it’s really hard to trace back where things went wrong, so I decided that I would try going through the whole rigging process again. That may also help a lot in my learning.
    I did some tests of your script with some other simpler rigs and they all worked really well. Your revision works like a charm! Huge thank, Jason!

  5. Paul says:

    Hi Jason, Any idea when fast animation rigs and the creature rig tutorials will be moved over to fastspring? Hopefully soon? (fingers crossed)

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