Animator Friendly Rigging Part 3

– Continuing the Biped with Arms and Hands-


Part 3a: Starting the Arms.

  • Aquiring and analyzing reference
  • FK/IK Arm Rigging Toolkit
  • 100 pages of documentation. Check out a preview
  • 2 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.



Part 3b: Continuing the Arms.

  • Shoulder Controls
  • Applying the FK/IK Arm Rigging Toolkit to an arm rig.
  • 160 pages of documentation. Check out a preview
  • 2.5 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.



Part 3c: Hands and Fingers.

  • Finger Rigging Toolkit
  • Reverse Hand Hierarchy.
  • Loops
  • 260 pages of documentation. Read out a preview
  • 2.5 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.


* In Torso Rigging Toolkits, we discuss the various types of controls that are needed to create the body parts, and go into depth on what they each are.  This is a standard technique that I like to use when rigging, it allows me to explore ideas and practice before committing to a final rig.

Previously available for $29.99 per dvd, this material currently available for $14.99 each!


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9 Responses to Part 3

  1. Ciccio says:

    Hello Jason,
    could you help me here?!topic/animatorfriendlyrigging/ykoIfgc1LsE

    sorry if annoying and thanks in advance 😉

    These tutorial are awesome.
    Do you plan to make some video for rigging quadrupeds or birds ?

  2. Dusan says:

    Hello Jason,

    I have problem with one of you scripts, create ik stretch. When I mirror skeleton on right side and try to make my leg stretch with ikRPsolver on scale it doesn’t work!!! With transition it work but not with scale. 🙁

    Can you help me?


    • Jason says:

      Hi! Thanks for getting the material! 🙂

      The stretch is supposed to work with translations.. Bad things tend to happen when scaling with joints, thus all the stretching should be done with translates.

  3. Dusan says:

    Hi Jason,

    I have find pdf document where you write about fix on script like ikstretch butt I cannot find anywhere, could you tell me where I can find?

    Thank you!!

  4. Dusan says:

    MEL] js_createIkStretch.mel Updateconstraint There is an update to js_createIkStretch that allows for the script to work when there is a negative value in the translate axis of the joint. This can occur when you mirror a joint (like for left and right). Please download the latest version here (along with the latest version of js_getStretchAxis.mel

    From where I can download this?:-)

  5. pablo says:

    Hi Jason,

    I would like to know if bendy limbs is contemplated in your lessons.

    Thnaks you!,


  6. Duncan says:

    Great tutorials had an issue in Maya 2014 running the create twisty segment script.

    /js_createTwistySegmentUI.mel line 222: does not exist.

    The script works except that the world scale Node section is greyed out and cant be selected so cant add global scale attribute.

    Many thanks

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