Animator Friendly Rigging Part 3

– Continuing the Biped with Arms and Hands-


Part 3a: Starting the Arms.

  • Aquiring and analyzing reference
  • FK/IK Arm Rigging Toolkit
  • 100 pages of documentation. Check out a preview
  • 2 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.



Part 3b: Continuing the Arms.

  • Shoulder Controls
  • Applying the FK/IK Arm Rigging Toolkit to an arm rig.
  • 160 pages of documentation. Check out a preview
  • 2.5 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.



Part 3c: Hands and Fingers.

  • Finger Rigging Toolkit
  • Reverse Hand Hierarchy.
  • Loops
  • 260 pages of documentation. Read out a preview
  • 2.5 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.


* In Torso Rigging Toolkits, we discuss the various types of controls that are needed to create the body parts, and go into depth on what they each are.  This is a standard technique that I like to use when rigging, it allows me to explore ideas and practice before committing to a final rig.

Previously available for $29.99 per dvd, this material currently available for $14.99 each!


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10 Responses to Part 3

  1. Ciccio says:

    Hello Jason,
    could you help me here?!topic/animatorfriendlyrigging/ykoIfgc1LsE

    sorry if annoying and thanks in advance 😉

    These tutorial are awesome.
    Do you plan to make some video for rigging quadrupeds or birds ?

  2. Dusan says:

    Hello Jason,

    I have problem with one of you scripts, create ik stretch. When I mirror skeleton on right side and try to make my leg stretch with ikRPsolver on scale it doesn’t work!!! With transition it work but not with scale. 🙁

    Can you help me?


    • Jason says:

      Hi! Thanks for getting the material! 🙂

      The stretch is supposed to work with translations.. Bad things tend to happen when scaling with joints, thus all the stretching should be done with translates.

  3. Dusan says:

    Hi Jason,

    I have find pdf document where you write about fix on script like ikstretch butt I cannot find anywhere, could you tell me where I can find?

    Thank you!!

  4. Dusan says:

    MEL] js_createIkStretch.mel Updateconstraint There is an update to js_createIkStretch that allows for the script to work when there is a negative value in the translate axis of the joint. This can occur when you mirror a joint (like for left and right). Please download the latest version here (along with the latest version of js_getStretchAxis.mel

    From where I can download this?:-)

  5. pablo says:

    Hi Jason,

    I would like to know if bendy limbs is contemplated in your lessons.

    Thnaks you!,


  6. Duncan says:

    Great tutorials had an issue in Maya 2014 running the create twisty segment script.

    /js_createTwistySegmentUI.mel line 222: does not exist.

    The script works except that the world scale Node section is greyed out and cant be selected so cant add global scale attribute.

    Many thanks

  7. Andy says:

    Hey Jason,

    Awesome tutorials and already been helping me understand and improve my rigging skills a lot. However, I am having trouble with few scripts in Maya 2016. I haven’t been able to get the setDrivenKey related scripts to appear on the shelves and as well as few others. I have around 20 scripts that appear on the shelf right now and most of them work as expected.

    I have sent a detail email at and awaiting your reply.

    It would be awesome if you can help me out with this issue.

    Thanks a lot!

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