Animator Friendly Rigging Part 4

– Legs ‘n More –


Part 4a: Rigging Legs.

  • Aquiring and analyzing reference
  • Leg Toolkit
  • Stretchy Legs
  • Advanced Foot Roll
  • 180 pages of documentation.. read a preview
  • 2 hour video. Watch a preview
  • Numerous mel scripts and scene files.


Part 4b: Completing the Rig.

  • Matching Controls
  • Mirroring
  • UI
  • Over 350 pages of documentation .. check out a preview
  • Numerous Mel scripts and scene files.
  • 2 hours of video instruction. Check out a preview



* In Rigging Toolkits, we discuss the various types of controls that are needed to create the body parts, and go into depth on what they each are.  This is a standard technique that I like to use when rigging, it allows me to explore ideas and practice before committing to a final rig.


Previously available for $29.99 per dvd, this material currently available for $14.99 each!


.. or purchase the bundle for a discount at:




3 Responses to Part 4

  1. Jake says:

    Hey Jason,
    I ordered the complete rigging bundle a while ago and just realized I never got 4a and 4b. I can provide my invoice and all that. Ive only made my way through #1 but awesome stuff so far.

  2. Yahui Xue says:

    Hello!Teacher Jason,I am also an enthusiast of rigging,I have learned rigging for a long time,but I can’t do a full rigging by myself,It’s so frustrating,badly,up to now ,I really don’t know that what I should do next???please give me some tips,Thank you in advance

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