One of the things that I’ve always said is that the techniques I discuss in Animator Friendly Rigging can be used in almost any package. The main idea is that even though the tutorials come with all sorts of mel scripts and files and explicit instructions for Maya, what people should take away are the concepts and theories behind the results.

Why should we rig the way we do?
What are we looking for?
What would help the animator the most?

That’s why I was totally jazzed to see this post on Vimeo:

AFR Rivalry! from MTracer on Vimeo.

It’s someone doing some of the same animator friendly rigging techniques I talk about in the material, but doing it in Blender!

That’s great! I love seeing stuff like this! 🙂

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2 Responses to AFR Rivalry.. sweet!

  1. Raveen says:

    That’s awesome. That’s how training is meant to be used. You take the essence of it and apply it anywhere.

    Great stuff. 😀

  2. That is cool!

    I’m actually looking forward to seeing the next version of Blender since it looks that it’s been improved in terms of animation quite a bit.

    It is also great that people is applying the same techniques to other softwares. I did enjoy AFR a lot!

    I hope to see the same things in other softwares. I am not using Maya at work at the moment and I miss some of the things.

    In any case, thanks for sharing Jason!
    Take care!

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